Hashflare Netto Profit Calculator

Always check out current hashrate costs and contracts availability at HashFlare pricing page https://hashflare.io/#plans.




X11 (DASH) contracts are sold out now.

X11 (DASH)

EQUIHASH (ZEC) contracts are sold out now.


What is Hashflare?

HashFlare is a department of HashCoins, a company that develops software for cloud mining and maintains equipment in datacenters.

Is it legit?

HashFlare exists since 2013 and pays daily, so yes, it is!

Is cloud mining still profitable in 2017?

Yes, it is! But some currencies may be more profitable than others. However, it can also change throughout your contract time. See our profit calculator to easy calculate your estimated profit with Hashflare.

How can I earn with this product?

Sign up here and buy some hashrate. The return of your investment (ROI) can vary over the period, sometimes it is better to mine with SHA-256 contracts, but today the BEST BUY is ETHASH or EQUIHASH.