Hashflare Netto Profit Calculator

How does it work?

Simply fill up the hashrate (SHA-256, Scrypt, Ethash, X11, and/or ZEC) and our application counts the estimated payout according to the current mining difficulty and block reward. Then the maintenance fees (if any) are subtracted from the payout to show you netto profit per day, week, month, 6 months, and year. You can also change the exchange rates BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD, DASH/USD and ZEC/USD if you wish. Also the return of investment (ROI - days, after which your initial investment into the hashrate will return from profits) is calculated (please, scroll down to the form fields). (The exchange rates, difficulty and block rewards are updated daily.)

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Always check out current hashrate costs and contracts availability at HashFlare pricing page https://hashflare.io/#plans.




X11 (DASH) contracts are sold out now.

X11 (DASH)

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